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Event Introduction

Uplifting underground

‘Poly’ means many and ‘topos’ not only location but also theme and topic, and in accordance with its name, Helsinki Polytopes consists of many different-themed works that spread out to several locations. A free, looping installation belonging to the series can be found in Sörnäinen, in a former bomb shelter that’s been turned into a Space for Free Arts. Sound artist and composer Antti Tolvi and architects Antti Auvinen and Kristian Äijö are behind the work View. The work also converses with Iannis Xenakis’ Polytopes series, in which he combined music and architecture, calling these works that join space and compositions together Polytopes.

The installation is open from 26 to 28 August at 12–19
No admission

In co-operation

Musica nova Helsinki


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Event Information

  • Time:

    • 26.8.–28.8.2021

  • Address:

    Space for Free Arts
    Vilhonvuorenkuja 15
    00500 Helsinki

  • Tickets:

    The event is free of charge

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