Huvila opening ceremony Yeboyah, F, Hassan Maikal, Pesso, Yrjänä, Figaro, Pehmee

Event Introduction

Huvila’s opening ceremony is a night of partying and dancing with a host of the most interesting Finnish R&B and hip hop artists. Music will fill the festival tent from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Yeboyah is a hip hop artist and social influencer from Helsinki, who began her solo career in 2017. Her 2019 debut EP, Elovena EP, was nominated for an Emma Award and made Yeboyah one of the most-discussed new artists in Finland. Yeboyah’s debut album, Perhosefekti, was released in autumn 2021 and stabilised the opinionated and versatile artist’s position within Finland’s cultural field. Earlier that year, she was the only music performer to make it onto Helsingin Sanomat’s “Follow them in 2021” list.

F is an Emma Award-winning rap and R&B artist, whose third album, Jos, came out in spring 2022. F has been praised for her music as well as her uncensored style and ability to renew the field of Finnish hip hop and its narrow portrayal of women. F released her debut album, Mä en oo viel tarpeeks iso, in spring 2019, and her second album, Mä oon vapaa, came out in 2020.

Hassan Maikal
Hassan Maikal is a rap and R&B artist with a fantastic voice and an international sound, whose debut album, Betonitarha, was released in 2021. With singles such as Yksinäistä and Hullu, the widely-praised album received an impressive four Emma Award nominations.

Demonstrating his affinity for numbers, Pesso signed a 33-album deal with Sony Music and released his third album, 33, on 3 March 2022. The album, inspired by boy band music and early-2000s hip hop and R&B, received the esteemed Critics’ Choice award at the Emma Gala and praise from, for example, Rumba for the album’s rewardingly surprising post-Disney world. Pesso composes, writes the lyrics, arranges and produces his music himself. He has also written music for other artists and taken part in producing an album for, for example, Pyhimys.

Having released his debut single, Ruudun taa, in spring 2022, Yrjänä rose to prominence with his unique visual songs. Like a true multitalent, the artist writes, produces, records and mixes his songs himself. The debut album, Sulle rakas, was released in February 2023. In addition to his solo material, Yrjänä is known as a top class producer for the likes of Yeboyah, Isaac Sene, Hassan Maikal and Sexmane. During his short solo career, the artist has already performed at Flow Festival and Ruisrock, among others.

Singer-songwriter Figaro released his debut album, Näin mä haluun sut muistaa, in June 2022. Figaro has written songs with several different artists, and Sexmane, Vesala and ABREU are featured on his album. Recording for Etenee Records, Figaro is a musical multitalent who combines elements from different genres in his production.

The Soft Collective is dedicated to making better cultural spaces and evoking and processing emotions with music as their mediator. The job of Master of Ceremony or MC is an important part of the club culture around the world. The Soft Collectives rough and demanding sound combines hosting, commentator and mc cultures practices. Pehmee whispers, sings and dives where music feels and creates atmospheres with soundscapes together with the DJ. Collective has been doing MCing since 2021 and it has become an important part for us to express and create spaces.

More information:

Doors: 16.00
Showtime: 18.00–22.00

Age limit: 18





-Disabled access: Ramped access at main entrance. Box office fully accessible.
-Disabled toilet (please note that the toilet is not fitted with an alarm).
-Wheelchair seating/event: 4 (more seating may be available depending on the nature of the show). Accompanying assistant addmitted without extra charge.
-Induction loop.
-Grounded outlet available in the seating area.

Event Information

  • Time:

    • Thu 17.8.2023 18:00

  • Address:

    Eläintarhantie 8
    00530 Helsinki

  • Tickets:

    36 € (

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