Questions & Answers


What kind of disaster do you want to see?
You can decide for yourself the kind of disaster you want it to be. We’ll select three different disasters for filming – we are not looking for a specific type of disaster for this project.

Can we take part as a team?

How much detail should I include about my idea for the final scene?
We don’t need a detailed script – just tell us the basic idea of the final scene. If your final scene is selected for production, we will contact you with further questions. The artists will write a proposal for a script on the basis of your idea, and we’ll ask you to provide us with your feedback.

I have no experience of screenwriting. Is this a problem?
Not at all! We’re not looking for scripts but your thoughts and ideas about your fictional disaster movie. We’ll take care of the writing once we’ve selected the ideas.

What about the copyright?
We’ll pay EUR 500 to the participants whose ideas are selected for the right to use their ideas in the film project. (Writers of ideas published in text form will not receive a fee.) Those who’ve developed the ideas retain the right to do what they want with their ideas, but they also give the artists the right to use their ideas in this project.

If my idea is selected for filming or I agree to have my idea presented in text form, will my name be revealed?
Yes, if you give consent for it, but you can also take part anonymously. 


How can I be chosen to act in the project?
If you mention on the form that you want to act in one of the final scenes selected, we will contact you. Whether everyone who wants to act gets to do so depends on the kind of final scenes that are selected for filming and how many people sign up.

When will the scenes be shot?
In late May and early June. The exact schedule will be announced later.

Do I need previous acting experience?
No, you don’t.

When will I know if I get to act?
We’ll try to inform volunteers of the situation in early May at the latest. But we will also be in contact with you before that. We’ll ask you in good time whether you’d prefer to be relatively unrecognisable in the background in a group scene, for example, or you’d be willing to be shot close-up.

Can people who don’t live in Helsinki volunteer to act?
Yes, they can. Our form emphasises the importance of being a Helsinki resident because the location of both the final scenes and the premiere venue is Kansalaistori Square in Helsinki. We won’t reimburse any travel expenses, which may affect the decision of non-residents to participate.

Is it possible to sign up to act without submitting an idea for the final scene?
Yes! Just leave any questions in the form related to the movie unanswered.

Will I definitely get to act in the scenes?
We don’t know at this point how many actors we will need. We’ll know the number once we’ve selected the final scenes. We’ll try to involve as many people as possible.

What kind of roles are on offer?
We don’t know yet as the open call for ideas is still ongoing. We assume that there will be roles for people in the background in group scenes as well as roles for close shots.

Will the actors be paid?
No, actors will take part as volunteers.