Architects of Air: Arboria

During the Night of the Arts on 15 August, Kansalaistori square will sprout Arboria, a space full of light and joy. The massive temporary structures by the English Architects of Air collective have dazzled millions of visitors all over the globe.

The labyrinthine Arboria seeks inspiration from the shapes of the forest and trees: light-filled hallways crisscross like branches and, going ever deeper, the visitor will find new nooks and impressive squares. Sunlight gleams through the colourful structures, creating a space that is alive and constantly changing. Arboria is a place for relaxation, adventure and inspiration.

Please notice when visiting Arboria:

– The final time to enter is mentioned on the schedule
– Duration of experience approximately 20 mins
– Capacity of 80 persons inside the labyrinth

Age recommendation 13 y

Thu 15.8., 10–20.30
Fri 16.8., 10–20.30
Sat 17.8., 10–18.30
Sun 18.8., 10–20.30
Mon 19.8., 10–18.30
Tue 20.8., 10–20.30
Wed 21.8., 11–20
Thu 22.8., 11–20
Fri 23.8., 11–20
Sat 24.8., 11–20
Sun 25.8., 9–15

Thu 15.8. – Sun 25.8.