Mika Vainio: 50 Hz

50 Hz is a major exhibition showcasing sound installations and music by Finnish electronic music pioneer Mika Vainio. The show will open at Kiasma on the Night of the Arts in August 2020. 50 Hz is the artist’s first retrospective.

Mika Vainio’s impact on electronic music, both in Finland and around the globe, is indisputable. He was a respected contemporary artist whose minimalist audio artworks are known for their physicality, analogue warmth and electronic harshness. Over the years, Vainio collaborated with many visual and sound artists and choreographers.

Mika Vainio’s (1963–2017) international career in electronic ambient and noise music was extensive. His name became widely known to fans of electronic music from his time in the duo Pan Sonic, founded in 1993. Vainio also produced many solo projects under names such as Ø and Philus.

In 2017 Kiasma received as donation a sound installation by Vainio, 2 x 540 kHz (2009). This and Vainio’s other experimental works will be on display in the exhibition opening in August 2020.

Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma

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