Art Room’s Night of Arts: draw fencers!

at 16:30–19:30
Helsingin yliopiston Piirustussali, Yliopistonkatu 4, 7. krs

Drawing and fencing have a long tradition at the University of Helsinki: both arts have been taught at the university, every educated person was supposed to possess these skills. Also in Helsinki there were low buildings for practice rooms behind Engel’s original main building. In this building the Fencing Room and Art Room were situated next to each other. Today, the fencing tradition is carried on by the Student Fencers. At the Night of Arts the former neighbours will pay the Art Room a visit and pose as live models at the Croquis-evening.

At the Night of Arts the Croquis-evening takes place on non-stop principle. The teacher is the University’s drawing master Vappu Rossi. You can borrow instruments from the Art Room. No previous experience in croquis-drawing (or fencing) is needed.