Exhibition, Performance, Live Music, Open studios at Grey Garden creative workspace

at 15:00–22:00
Grey Garden, Junailijankuja 3

Grey Garden studios, a new space in the heart of Itä-Pasila, welcomes you to a group exhibition, performances, live music and open studios. The exhibition will present the works of over 20 professional artists working in Helsinki. For this show our curatorial concept for selecting the artists was inspired by the spirit of solidarity by asking each of our studio members to each select an artist and that artist to select another.
eg. Studio artist 1 > invites guest artist 2 > invites guest artist 3.
Through this chain of connections we will present an eclectic mix of artworks embracing the potential for random links and meandering associations.
Our members will have open studios where you can see behind the scenes of works in progress and peak into the individual work spaces. Grey Garden studios was co-founded in early 2019 by International and Finnish artists. It is a multi-disciplinary working space for 16 creative workers including; visual artists, writers and musicians.