Secrets of Salsa

at 17:30–18:30
Tanssikoulu Baila Baila, Eerikinkatu 27

Journey into the secrets of Salsa!!

For the Night of Arts Dance school Baila Baila organizes legendary demostration dance classes at the studio, Eerikinkatu 27, 00180 Hki.

The wonderful teachers of Baila Baila will lead you into the heart of Cuban culture, rhythms of dancing and salsa. Between 17:30 and 18:30 there will be lessons of 25 min. that will start at 17:30 and 18:00. All lessons are free of charge.

You don’t need any prior dance experience to participate to the classes. You can also come to couple lessons with or without your own partner.

klo 17:30 Salsa by Carlos
klo 17:30 Reggaeton by Soila
klo 17:30 Paribachata by Yasser

klo 18.00 Parisalsa by Carlos
klo 18.00 Parikizomba by Yasser
klo 18.00 Salsa by Soila

Welcome – Bienvenidos!