Registration to Night of the Arts 2019 has ended. Registration period to the next Night of the Arts starts in spring 2020.


Organising an event

The Night of the Arts is a cheerful urban art event for all. The aim of the event is to express and reflect the diversity within the arts. Every art project, whether big or small, can be included in the official Night of the Arts programme. Signing up  is simple and completely free. Please make sure that you take the local residents, participants and the city into consideration at all times.

Please remember that the event organizer is the responsible party for the event and personally handles all event arrangements including  security as well as all permits and announcements.

The purpose of the Night of the Arts is not to achieve any commercial or ideological objectives. Events should also be free of charge. Helsinki Festival reserves the right to decide which events will be included in the programme for this site.


Marketing and communications

Helsinki Festival and the Night of the Arts actively promote small and large Night of the Arts events through their own channels, for example, on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. However, it is important that the event organisers for the Night of the Arts also use their own networks to promote their event.