Contact – Soprano Art Experience

klo 19:00–19:30
Soprano koulutuskampus, Mannerheimintie 15

Tanssi perfomanssi

The thing that is in front of you does not wish to be defined.
In fact it does not have to be defined.
Nowadays everything is pressed into a category anyway and in a way it is awaited of you to be able to verbalise even abstract, ambivalent things.
So there arises the question of- Is it possible to feel without necessarily giving it a form?

When a contracts is knotted then does that also mean that is should contain shared custody
(i.e. sharing one’s self with society as a citizen? etc) What is left when we are left without a structure?

Sonja Ovaskainen ​(b.1994) fourth-year BA student in Lahti Design Institute. Finland based photographer and visual artist. Mostly working lens-based but also using performance and sculptures in her work.
Interested in themes around the defending relationship between mind and body. Believes that thought art you can give consultation and make people feel less alone.

Hanna-Liisa Lavonen(b. 1994)​lives and works in Tallinn. She graduated the bachelor’s degree from the faculty of painting of Estonian Academy of Arts in 2017 and in the same year continued on in the master´s degree in contemporary art.
Lavonen has studied abroad in exchange in the Academy of Fine Arts and Design of Bratislava in the faculty of intermedia. She is also apart of the curator students run project space called Vent Sace. In her artistic practice She uses a lot of convenient objects (everyday- and found objects, recycling materials etc) and intuitively modifies them by emphasizing the modification that reveals the true weird essence of the object. The nature of the works are anthropological and they are usually the byproducts of the research.