Slow Shiver (LA/Rome) – moia – Ville MJ Hyvönen

klo 21:30–23:30
Putte's - The Cellar, KALEVANKATU 6 HELSINKI

21:30 Slow Shiver (LA/Rome) – DJ set

Slow Shiver’s cinematic style, intimate voice and simple true lyrics are an almost obvious byproduct of his youth in Italy, spent between watching classic movies, sitting in the back row during plays at his Father’s theatre and falling asleep in clubs to the sound of his Mother singing jazz standards. Slow Shiver’s (AKA Valente Bertelli) goal is simple: to bring back the unapologetic vulnerability of male pop singers and make art through the creative eyes of his 16 year old self.

22:30 moia – LIVE
moia is in the band Construction with Nadya Peek. Tonight, solo.

22:45 Ville MJ Hyvönen – ENTER HELSINKI DJ Set

Ville MJ Hyvönen (AKA villeh00) is an audiovisual designer, producer and cinematographer working in film, theatre, media and installations. Hyvönen has worked extensively in film and as designer for the works of the Kristian Smeds Ensemble.