Responsibility at Helsinki Festival and Huvila

Equality and non-discrimination

The Helsinki Festival is committed to complying with operating principles that aim to promote equality, diversity and non-discrimination in the music and events industries. Huvila is a safe and equal space for both the public and the staff.

Discrimination and harassment 

The Festival observes the principles for a safer space, and everyone is welcome to attend the festival events as they are.

Huvila is an event area that is free from all kinds of discrimination and harassment, and we require that our staff, performers, partners and subcontractors as well as visitors to our events commit to the principles of equality, fairness and non-discrimination.

If you witness any discrimination, harassment or other inappropriate behaviour, please report it immediately to the nearest security guard or the Festival organisers using the online form. The form can be submitted anonymously. You can also contact us by email:

Accessibility and safety

Safety is our top priority. The event programme for Huvila and the entire Helsinki Festival is planned in collaboration with security professionals and authorities.

Huvila is accessible, and there are accessible toilets on site. An induction loop will be available for those attending concerts, and our accessible seating area has wheelchair spaces. The signs in Huvila are designed to facilitate accessibility.

Assistants for people with a physical or sensory impairment are entitled to free entry. Wheelchair spaces can be booked by phone via (tel. 0600 900 900) or online at

The festival programme also includes free events, and every year we donate free tickets to promote social inclusion. These tickets are mainly distributed through the Social Services, Health Care and Rescue Services Division.

Ecological sustainability

The organiser of the Helsinki Festival, the Helsinki Events Foundation, is committed to following responsible procedures in all its activities, including event production, programme content and event communications. The Helsinki Events Foundation uses the EcoCompass environmental management system to ensure its ecological sustainability.

We have been investing in environmental impact management and sustainable development in the Huvila area for a long time, and the Huvila Festival Tent was first awarded the EcoCompass certificate way back in 2015.

Environmental measures and objectives regarding Huvila:

– We only use EKOenergy-labelled wind power or 100% renewable electricity from the grid.
– We use electricity instead of diesel for heating.
– We use energy-efficient lighting, equipment and techniques.
– Our waste recovery rate is 100%.
– In 2022, 97% of our waste was sludge.
– Huvila’s structures and furniture are made of sustainable materials and designed to be reused over several years. The Helsinki Events Foundation also uses the same structures and materials in its other productions.
– We will reduce our environmental impact by serving drinks in the cans and bottles in which they are sold. The other serving dishes and containers used in the restaurants are either reusable, compostable or biodegradable.
– Huvila’s menu consists of vegetarian and seafood options only, and all dishes are cooked using responsibly produced organic and local ingredients.
– Wherever possible, the wines and other drinks we serve are organic and made in Finland.
– Our logistics operations are designed to reduce unnecessary journeys.
– Attendees are encouraged to arrive on foot, by bicycle or by public transport. There is a free bike park on site.
– We share information about our environmental activities with the public, staff and performers.
– We commit and train our staff, partners, subcontractors and performers to act responsibly. We also instruct the public to act responsibly when visiting the festival area.
– We have started the journey towards a carbon-neutral Huvila. This includes calculating the carbon footprint of the Huvila tent.
– We reduce the environmental burden by serving brewery products directly in their own cans or bottles.
– The other containers in the restaurant are either reusable, compostable or biodegradable.