Images and press material

The Helsinki Festival image and text database  contains images of the festival venues and events as well as festival logos and other general information. Media may reproduce these materials for articles, social media postings and other editorial content related to Helsinki Festival and its exhibitions or events. Commercial use of Helsinki Festival material is prohibited, as is altering or editing the content in any way. Please remember to always credit the photographer and refer to Helsinki Festival as the source of content.


Requests for accreditation and filming and photography permits are event-specific. Please note that there is a limited number of tickets on sale at the moment so there are only very few press tickets available. Accreditation is intended for media representatives only, and we only accredit those undertaking professional activities. Please apply for accreditation only for a reasonable number of events (max. 6), thank you.

Accreditation is open from 1 June until 2 August. Requests received by the deadline will be processed by 9 August. 

For more information, please contact:

Anna Mäkelä
+358 50 581 4153

Photo: Petri Anttila